Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

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Treasure Valley Water Gardens is always striving to help our customers find the products they need to make their ponds, waterfalls and dedicated koi ponds stand out and be everything that the customer hopes they will be!  If you are needing a product, please feel free to call us for winter delivery!!!  208-362-5605

Retail Products

OUTDOOR LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING:  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! This is the perfect time to add outdoor lighting to your landscape.  View the outdoors from the indoors!  Keep guests safe as they approach the house from the street.  Ask us about a free demo!

Winter Hours:  Because most people shut their ponds down in the winter and don't really need anything during this cold part of the year, we are taking the time to move from the Latigo site to our place for wintering the left over plants and fish.

If you are in need of a product or our help...all you need to do is call!  208-362-5605.

Store Hours:  Closed for winter

 delivery by appointment