If you aspire to be a Renaissance Man, you will need to have the expertise and knowledge to help each and every customer build the landscape of his or her dreams. Complete and total mastery of your trade will give you the confidence to answer any question completely and honestly to help your clients make the right decisions for their dreams and lifestyles.

Meet The Crew

Treasure Valley Water Gardens is made up of pond/water garden  and outdoor lighting experts.  We are always seeking to learn the newest technologies in the industry and we implement the systems that we know work based on our experience.  We are part of a great nationwide network of water garden builders  and lighting professionals and we have awesome resources at our fingertips to tackle any project. 

-The Team from Treasure Valley Water Gardens


-Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger & Helix Life Support

referenced in an article entitled Renaissance Pond Man in Pond Trade Magazine

We aspire to be able to help our clients build the landscape of his or her dreams and are always seeking knowledge from pond industry leaders in order to achieve our goals.  We are so proud to be able to offer our expertise and experience in order to help you with your project.